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Commercial Rooftops

For business owners, leasing your roof for a solar installation, or even buying the solar installation outright makes good commercial sense. Having solar on your roof fixes the price of the electricity generated which in turn fixes the price of the electricity your business consumes.

If your business would rather not foot the bill for the solar installation Stellata Energy can provide fully funded solutions which use a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the owner of the solar panels and your business. This means your business gets the benefits of fixed price energy without having to spend a cent.

Alternatively depending on the size of your roof and the current cost per kWh, solar installations can make excellent investment opportunities, offsetting energy inflation and in some cases generating revenue by exporting power back into the grid.

Commercial Property Owner?

If your business owns large commercial roofs and you want to see what your options are in terms of suitability for a solar installation, click below.

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