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Lease Your Land

If you own 20 hectares or more and are interested in receiving a secure, reliable income year in year out then speak to us. By leasing your land to Stellata Energy you will be diversifying your farm income and guaranteeing a stable revenue stream which allows your business to expand and grow. Land rental values are dependent upon a number of factors including location, size of system and proximity to grid connection. Stellata Energy work closely with landowners offering a range of rental mechanisms (e.g. fixed rent per hectare or fixed percentage of gross revenue from annual generation) to ensure that the option most suited to each individual is available. Our rental offers are CPI linked so the amount you receive will increase each year.

Solar leases typically run for 25 years as this is in line with the panel manufacturer's performance guarantee. Stellata Energy will cover the landowner legal costs involved in negotiating the lease and any easement/wayleaves required, so there is no capital expenditure required by you.

Land Owner?

If you have more than 20 hectares of land available and are interested to find out whether your land meets the preferred criteria and what you could earn, click below.

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