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Why Choose Stellata Energy?

Stellata Energy have successfully developed over 350MW of ground mount and rooftop solar installations. Taking projects from conception (site feasibility) all the way through to operation.

We are an Australian company dedicated to delivering commercial scale renewable energy projects which provide local jobs and support to the communities in which they’re based.

Company Overview

Stellata Energy was founded on the desire to bring renewable energy to Australia in a manner which encourages both conservation and agriculture.

Solar power is our core focus. When you combine a mature and trusted technology (photo voltaics) with a predictable, quantifiable energy source (the sun), the result is a reliable and resourceful alternative to global fossil fuel.

Everyone has witnessed the recent rise and fall of core commodities such as iron ore and oil. Stellata Energy believe in delivering commercial scale solar farms which not only add a steady fixed income for business owners/landowners, whilst simultaneously reducing Australia’s carbon footprint.

It is important to us that our projects give something back to the local communities which neighbour them. Where it is possible we are willing to provide free solar installations for the local school or sports club.

SER & The Environment

Solar farms have been shown to provide a net benefit to biodiversity and provide an environment where pollinators (birds and bees) can thrive. By planting wildflower meadows on our sites along with sheep grazing, Stellata Energy ensures on going agricultural use whilst allowing native fauna a habitat to boost their numbers.

Solar farms are temporary installations and after the term (25 years) fields are restored to their previous state albeit with richer soils and a greater abundance of wildlife.

Stellata Energy is committed to the environment and we only work with partners who follow the same strict environmental guidelines as ourselves. All panels, framework and cabling is recycled at the end of the solar farm lifecycle.

Community Benefits

At Stellata Energy, we make sure that communities local to our sites receive a free solar installation on a local community building, whether that be the local town hall or the roof on the local sports club.

We also endeavour to enhance peoples understanding of solar energy and find that providing the community with their own solar installation free of charge is the best way to get our vision across.

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